GCHV HVAC Solutions to Pushpam Luxury Resort in India


Pushpam Resorts was designed with the aim of guaranteeing both luxury and comfort to its tenants. The warm and elegant colors chosen to communicate a wish to provide new style and design, while still retaining a classical, luxurious feeling. Here, residents will experience high-end apartment living through exceptional interior detail and unique furniture selection and accessorizing. 

According to the project's requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, and comfort, GCHV provides customers with with GCHV CMV series VRF. The units are a combination of intelligent comfort, quiet, convenient, and advanced technology to create a suitable solution for users. The machine uses high-quality components, has outstanding energy efficiency, and has an intelligent control management system for users to choose. After the equipment is put into use, GCHV has bring comfort to the resort, and its energy-saving, efficient, reliable and stable operation has been recognized by users.