200 Pa Medium ESP Ducted Air Conditioner


GCHV newly launched a new medium static pressure ducted air conditioner with ultra-thin body design, body thickness only 260mm, capacity includes 24k/36k Btu/h, It’s a leading 200 Pa static pressure product in the industry. It adopts DC fan motor with hig

GCHV 3-in-1 High Efficiency Anti-virus Filter


As the COVID-19 rages around the world, and the temperature is getting higher and higher, how to provide a comfortable indoor environment under the condition of fighting against the COVID-19 has put forward higher requirements for the current air conditio

GCHV Smart Manager System


GCHV smart manager consists of products,WIFI module, software, Terminal equipment and cloud server,it is a comprehensive cloud platform integrating after-sale maintenance, database, big data collection, centralized control and smart control that suitable

GCHV R32 Inverter Split Type Heat Pump


It is a multi functions air conditioning system which combines cooling, heating and hot water supply, adopts Eco friendly R32 refrigerant, equips with hydronic module, no extra insulation for hot water pipes. Capacity range from 5kW to 18kW, A++ energy ef

R410a Seer 14 Condensing Unit


The Seer 14 condensing unit adopts a new appearance with concealed stop valve, which could protect the stop valve from accidental operation by children. Its capacity range from 12k Btu/h to 48k Btu/h,cooling range 64⁰F-115⁰F.It has already certificated b…

GCHV Launched New Generation CHV Pro VRF


CHV Pro VRF is the new generation full DC inverter EVI VRF system of GCHV in 2019, single unit capacity from 8HP~32HP, Max. combination capacity up to 128HP, up to 100 indoor units can be connected in one system. CHV Pro has a wide operation temperature r

GCHV R32 Refrigerant Multi Split Air Conditioners


Chigo HVAC R32 multi split capacity range from 14kW to 42kW.



New CMV VRF adopts new design that inspired by sports car with high market recognition, and this will also apply for the Mini VRF and light commercial products, capacity from 8HP~32HP, Max.128HP, up to 100 indoor units can be connected in one system. Main

GCHV High Energy Efficiency Seer13 & Seer14 Air Handler


New air handler cooling capacity range from 18K to 60KBtu/h with wide operation temperature, cooling range 64℉~109℉ and heating range 20℉~109℉. It adopts A shape coils,high efficiency volute and 3-speed direct drive constant air volume motor , thermal …

GCHV Launched a New Appearance Full DC Inverter CMV-mini VRF In October


Thenewly launched CMV-mini designed with a completely new appearance,3D cut,morerigid,its compact size saves lots of installation space, and greatly increasedthe loading quantity.NewCMV-mini VRF cooling capacity 12.5kW~16kW,for 16kW model, you could conne